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Gujarat, India
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Manufacturing Plant, Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Printing Shops, Construction works, Energy & Mining
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2500 Piece/Pieces per Month

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Standard Sea Worthy – Corrugated Carton Boxes
Ahmedabad or Mumbai
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High qualityTiming belt pulley/Positive Drive Pulleyas per the standard as well as customized specifications. Complete driver designing and development service as per the needs of the customers are also offered.

Belt Section


Outer Diameter

(Pcd less difference)

Belt Width

Tooth Depth

In each pitch trapezoidal teeth shape pulley as per ISO 5294, pitch geometry can be as follows :

MXL Timing belt pulley

0.080”-2.032 mm

0.51 mm

3,6,9,5 mm

0.457 mm

XL Timing belt pulley

0.200”-5.080 mm

0.51 mm

9,5,12.5 mm

1.651 mm

L Timing belt Pulley

0.375”-9.525 mm

0.75 mm

12.5,19,25.4 inch

2.667 mm

H Timing belt pulley

0.500”-12.7 mm

1.37 mm

1,1.5,2 inch

3.048 mm

XH Timing belt pulley


2.79 mm

2,3,4 inch

7.137 mm

XXH Timing belt pulley


3.05 mm

2,3,4,5 inch

10.312 mm

Trapezoidal teeth shape pulley as per DIN 7721. Pitch geometry can be as follows, with as low as zero backlash and high power transmission.

T2.5 Timing belt pulley

2.300 mm

0.51 mm

4,6,10 mm

0.75 # 1.00 mm

T5 Timing belt pulley

6.000 mm

0.85 mm

6,10,16,25 mm

1.25 # 1.95 mm

T10 Timing belt pulley

10.000 mm

1.90 mm

16,25,32,50 mm

2.60 # 3.40 mm

T20 Timing belt pulley

20.000 mm

2.90 mm –

3.2 mm max

16,25,32,50,75,100 mm

5.20 # 6.30 mm

AT3 Timing belt pulley

3.000 mm

0.42 mm

6,10,16,25,32 mm


AT5 Timing belt pulley

5.000 mm

1.20 mm

10,12,25,32.50 mm


AT10 Timing belt pulley

10.000 mm

1.85 mm

10,16,25,32,50,75,100 mm


AT20 Timing belt pulley

20.000 mm

2.90 mm –

3.2 mm max

16,25,32,50,75,100 mm


High Torque drive pulley, with curvilinear geometry teeth, namely as follows :

3M HTD Timing belt pulley

3.000 mm

0.75 mm

6, 9 mm


5M HTD Timing belt pulley

5.000 mm

1.15 mm

9, 15 mm


8M Timing belt pulley

8.000 mm

1.37 mm

20,30,50,85 mm

3.560 mm

14M HTD Timing belt pulley

14.000 mm

2.80 mm

40,55,85,115,170 mm


Super Torque drive pulley a typical teeth geometry parabolic configuration offers extra ordinary load carrying capacity as follows :

S3M STS Timing belt pulley

3.000 mm

0.76 mm

6,10,15 mm

1.14 mm

S5M STS Timing belt pulley

6.000 mm

0.96 mm

10, 15 mm

1.77 mm

S4.5M STS Timing belt pulley

4.500 mm

0.76 mm

6,10,15 mm

1.59 # 1.68 mm

S8M STS Timing belt pulley

8.000 mm

1.37 mm

15,25,40,60 mm

2.83 # 3.03 mm

S14M STS Timing belt pulley

14.000 mm

2.80 mm

40,60,80,100,120 mm

4.95 # 5.23 mm

Features :

  • Positive grip of belt teeth with pulley tooth eliminate slippage and speed variation
  • Belt teeth engage with pulley axial groove in a smooth rolling motion, resulting in minimum friction and reduced noise and wear
  • There is no chordal rise and fall of pitch line as with roller chain no belt creeper or slippage and hence no chatter of vibration.
  • No friction, no elongation, no lack of tension, its unusually high mechanical efficiency and reduced bearing load and it increases bearing life.
  • Drive permits smaller pulley size, short centre distance and narrower belt width, as well as horse power-to-weight ratio high, reduces space required and also weight of drive.
  • Drive provides wide load capacity from sub fractional horsepower to 600HP.
  • Drive ranges is from 10RPM to 10,000 RPM, between two spindles and multi-spindle drive system.
  • In absence of metal to metal (metallic pulley and rubber/P.U belt) contact eliminates the need for lubrication systems, oil retaining device and their nuisance, cost, weight and possibility of product contamination.
  • Suitable for all type of power transmission, indexing, positioning, conveying systems multi-shaft drive because of high accuracy drive
  • Reversing drive is possible with double sided tooth belts, known as twin-powder and belt, also. Running serpentine drives.

Applications :

  • Engineering :Machine Tools, Foundry Equipments, Conveyors, Compressors, Painting systems etc.
  • Pharmaceuticals & Food Processing :Pulp Mill Blowers, Conveyor in warehouse, Agitators, Grain, Boiler, Bakery Machine, Labeling Machine, Robots etc.
  • Agriculture Industries :Cultivator, Rice Winnower Tractor, Harvester, Harvester, Rice Planter etc
  • Textile Mills :Looms, Spinning, Wrappers, High-speed auto looms, Processing machine, Twister, Carding machine. Ruler calendar machine high speed winder etc.
  • Printing Machinery :News paper press, Rotary machine, Embossing, Screen Printer Machine, Linotype machine offset printer etc.
  • Paper Industries :Chipper roll grinder, Cut off saw, Edgers, Flotation cell and chips saws etc.
  • Building Construction Machinery :Buffers, Elevator Floor polisher mixing machine, vibrator, Hoists, Crusher etc.
  • Office Equipments :Typewriter, Plotters, Camera, Money drive, Money Sorting machine, Data storage equipment etc.
  • Glass and plastic Industries :Conveyor, Carton Sealers, Grinders, Creeper paper manufacturing machine, Lintec backing etc.
  • Home Appliances :Vacuum cleaner, Laundry machine, Ice-cream machine, Sewing Machine, Kitchen equipments etc.

Poly V Pulley / V belt groove pulleyin following sections and sizes are manufactured :


Pitch in mm

Thickness in mm

Maximum Nos. of Ribs / Sleeve






Fractional Horse Power belt for very light duty applications





Low cost belt for light duty applications





Designed specifically for the automotive industry, it is also suitable for Machine Tools drives etc.





Medium duty drive belt covering a wide range of applications





High performance makes this belt unrivalled for heavy duty applications

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